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Digital Vision Syndrome

According to the American Optometric Association, the average American worker spends seven hours a day on the computer, either in the office or working at home. That’s why digital eye strain or digital vision syndrome is common. Digital vision syndrome is caused by excessive digital screen use. Symptoms include blurry vision, sore and tired eyes, and neck and shoulder pain. Nearsighted people often complain of headaches, eye strain, squinting or fatigue when driving, playing sports, or when looking more than a few feet away.

Enter Neurolens

Traditional lenses are not designed to address eye misalignment. With the advent of digital lens design and manufacturing, neurolenses have created a new spectacle lens category: contoured prism. Much like the advance from bifocals to progressive-addition lenses, neurolenses transform and optimize the benefits of standard prism with a proprietary, contoured prism design to address eye misalignment at all distances.

The neurolens® contoured prism provides effortless eye alignment at all distances by gradually increasing the amount of prism from distance to near. Addressing eye misalignment at all distances aims to relieve the headaches, neck tension, and eye strain that many patients experience when using digital devices, reading, or doing detail work.

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March 30th, 2020

Sunshine Eye Clinic will continue to be closed for routine eye exams through April 26th, to be in accordance with recommendations from the CDC and the American Optometric Association. We are closely monitoring conditions and recommendations set forth, and plan to re-open on Monday, April 27th.

Our staff will be available Monday through Friday from 9am-1pm to receive phone calls for emergencies as well as scheduling future appointments. Our doctors will be available to see emergency appointments only.

We will be offering a curbside pick-up for contact lenses and eyewear between the hours of 9am-1pm Monday through Friday. Please call or text our office at 417-886-2020 when you arrive, and a staff member will bring them to your vehicle.

We value the safety of our patients, staff, and our community during this time.

Thank You